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Welcome to my website and to a sample of some of my work.


As with clothing, furniture styles change with fashion - but the best quality clothing design has a longevity which transcends the fashion of the moment.


This is what I aim to achieve with my furniture. Elegant clean-lined curves and forms which are visually appealing, but which are also supremely functional.


High production values with emphasis on strength but avoiding excessive weight; high quality materials , and finishes which enhance natural colour, age gracefully, yet can be repaired .


That’s the serious part. Then there’s the fun part.


“Fun” is not a serious academic word, but it’s the “fun” of creating something new which makes the dust, noise and hours of polishing worth it. An element of play is an important part of the design process , and an antidote to dry intellectualism. I hope an element of fun shows through in the final product and evokes an emotional response in those who encounter or live with my work.



Work on commission: I welcome enquiries , tentative or otherwise, and will reply promptly. I regularly deal with clients who are at some distance from me.


I carry very little stock, but make items as commissioned or for exhibition.

Some of my designs , for instance chairs, are produced in small runs, while other items are made singly. Yet other pieces are unique and cannot be reproduced exactly but may be recreated in essence.


Chris Wilson

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